Grampians Organics - Pure products from Western Victoria.

From the beautiful Southern Grampians in Western Victoria comes a range of superfoods, spice blends and herbal teas developed by a team of herbalists and chefs to ensure your blends are both safe and delicious.

Made with love from only certified organic ingredients we use nothing artificial in our products.

Grampians organics products are

  • all organic
  • nothing artificial
  • no added sugar*
  • naturally low in caffeine
  • vegan suitable
  • gluten-free

Choose from:

People have traditionally infused herbs for their therapeutic properties as well as their thirst-quenching benefits.

Please note that our descriptions are intended to provide product information only and do not constitute medical advice.

Our herbs are intended for refreshment use only.

Always consult your health professional before using any herbal preparations, especially if you're pregnant, have a serious illness or are taking any medication.

*sweet dukkah from our Shabby Chef range contains organic coconut sugar

Grampians Organics

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